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Hon Hai reveals Long-Term Environmental Goals on Earth Day Promising to Achieve Net Zero Emissions, 50% green power usage, 60% Plastic Recycling and Zero Waste to Landfill

22 April 2022, Taipei. On Earth Day, Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn), the world’s largest technology manufacturer and service provider reveals long-term environmental sustainability goals, with “Green Intelligence” and “Circular Economy” as its strategic goals. The Group’s action plan will focus on “clean manufacturing”, “resource management” and “risk management” to demonstrate its determination on environmental protection.

Responding to climate change, Hon Hai has set clear strategic environmental goals on several aspects, including net zero emissions, green energy, water conservation, environmental protection, waste reduction and recycling. The Group has also layout milestone for 2025 and years after, with 7 strategic goals as follows:

  1. Achieve net zero emissions by 2050

(Reduce 63% by 2035, 42% by 2030, 21% by 2025, based on 2020 standard)

  1. Use at least 50% green power by 2030
  2. Reduce water intensity by 6% (compared to 2020)
  3. Reach 60% of plastic recycling ratio in all campuses
  4. Awarded at least 5 campuses with UL 2799 Gold-Level Certification of Zero Waste
  5. Set up monitoring system for industrial wastewater discharge in All campuses
  6. Set up air quality monitoring system in at least 3 campuses

Hon Hai used to be a follower in environmental protection, but we have come a long way to become a leader. We use systematic data analysis to conduct regular performance review on the 7 long-term environmental goals we have put forward. In the future, we will continue our collaboration with clients and suppliers to build a sustainable ecosystem, to contribute to the sustainable industrial development”, said Ron Horng, Chief Environmental Officer in Hon Hai Technology Group.

Hon Hai has been operating under the guideline of “Sustainability =EPS+ESG”. The Group plans to announce its ESG long-term objectives step by step. On Earth Day, Apr. 22, Hon Hai first gave out its E (Environmental) goals. For the past few years, Hon Hai has been acting on energy conservation, emission reduction and the adopting of green energy, and it has achieved substantial results. In 2021, the Group’s Hengyang Campus and Kunshan Campus in mainland China have both obtained UL 2799, the Highest Platinum Rating for Zero Waste to Landfill; this year, the Group’s Longhua Campus was awarded UL 2799 Gold-Level Certification, becoming the world’s first comprehensive eco-park. Moreover, the Group’s Taipei headquarters recently received the Healthy Building Certification issued by Fitwel. It is the very first factory office in Taiwan to win the prestigious recognition.

In terms of green energy, action has also been taken. Hon Hai announced in April that its campuses in Taiwan plan to purchase 2.36 million kWh of green power this year. Up to 2030, the Group’s purchases of green power will amount to 70 million kWh, which will help reduce 35,140 metric tons of CO2 emissions. In hope of gradually increasing the utilization of green energy in its campuses around the world, Hon Hai has already been using solar power as well as investing in the optimization of equipment effectiveness and green power plant. The Group also promised that it will adopt stricter standards to verify the source of the green energy it uses.

Keeping up with the global trend of CO2 reduction, Hon Hai also echoes initiatives to reinforce the implementation of its sustainability development goals. In Jan. 2021, the Group proposed commercially ambitious 1.5ºC carbon reduction scenario to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). With the consulting expert’s assistance, the Group has done an accurate calculation of carbon footprint, the result of which shows that one year after, it has fully accomplished the science-based targets in line with the Paris Agreement goals. In Apr. 2022, Hon Hai submitted the application of science-based target setting to the SBTi for assessment.

This month, Hon Hai’s CSR Committee renames to “Sustainability Committee”, which will stipulate the direction and goals of ESG. It will start strengthening the management of internal audit activities and make effective use of third-party audit to establish a thorough and rigorous auditing mechanism. Hon Hai plans to establish an ESG goal management platform to record and track its working process and strive for continuous improvement. The Group expects that more partners will join its efforts in moving towards a greener future.

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