Services and Products

Services and Products

Vertical integration of supply chain

With its roots as a leading OEM, ODM and IDM company, Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) has leveraged its decades-long expertise to become an Innovation Integration Design Manufacturer (IIDM). The group offers an integrated approach to key components and core technology innovation, software and hardware integration and industrial design, addressing the needs of the end-user customer.

Robust global network

Having a global footprint that spans over 20 countries, our wide network affords us the flexibility in creating a synergy to strengthen our customer services, product manufacturing, and supply chains across industries. The interconnected global network also allows us to provide our customers with integrated services. This includes research and development capabilities, design and manufacturing expertise, complemented by a global assembly system.

Innovative smart technology solutions

Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) continues to focus on its core service of delivering smart technology solutions to customers. Through Innovative Integrated Design and Manufacturing (IIDM) services, we are committed to creating smart manufacturing solutions, providing the supply chain with integrated software and hardware options for our global customers. It is our goal to become a provider of comprehensive smart living solutions worldwide.

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    Innovation Integration Design Manufacturing + Sales & Marketing

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    Innovation Integration Design Manufacturing

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    Innovative Design Manufacturing

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    Original Design Manufacturing

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    Joint Original Design Manufacturing

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    Joint Design Manufacturing

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    Joint Development Manufacturing

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    Original Equipment Manufacturing

Technological Services Provider

Smart Consumer Electronics
(Smartphones, TVs, Game Consoles, etc.)

This includes consumer electronics such as smartphone devices, feature phones,wearable devices, and smart entertainment devices like television sets, game consoles, set-top boxes, and audio systems

Cloud and Networking Products
(servers, communication network, etc.)

This includes network communication and cloud equipment and systems used by businesses, general consumers. and also includes devices used by general consumers such as routers, servers, edge computing, data centers and satellite communications.

Computing Products
(computers, tablets, etc.)

This includes electronic computing equipment needed for work and daily life, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, multi-function devices and printers used in the office.

Components and Others
(connectors, mechanical parts, services, etc.)

This includes key components for the supply chain, such as connectors and optical components, electronic components, semiconductor products, automotive equipment and related services. The Group’s emerging industries : logistics warehousing, software Development, healthcare services,and integrated services of industrial internet are all under this category.