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The Company has been treating its employees with sincerity and established mutual trust with them through its welfare system and good training system that guarantee a fulfilling and stable life for them. Though there is no union in the Company, but the Company has established “Workers and Employers Meeting” and have established comprehensive employee communication channels, its employees can give full play to their team spirit, coordinate the Company’s decision, cooperate with each other to create a harmonious environment for working. The Company pursuant to the relevant labor laws and regulations, to protect the legitimate interests of employees, provides employees with safe and healthy working environment, and set up an employee feedback and complaints mechanism. The Company adopts the followings measures to build a harmonious labor relation:

Welfare Measures for Employees:

Founded in July 1985, apart from members appointed by each Business Unit, the remaining members are proposed and elected by employees. The committee members are re-elected every three years, and there are dedicated members appointed to deal with the routine administrative works of the Committee.

Meanwhile, the company has set up the Health Department, which has developed a series of welfare measures to employees and their families in terms of health improvement and health care.

At present, the welfare offerings by the Welfare Committee are as follows:

  • Safe and healthy food service: establishment of staff canteen and food safety inspection center.
  • Comprehensive employee health management
    • Health promotion: Topical lectures, weight loss activities and setting up blind masseuse service stations.
    • Health care: annual health check and dental care, etc.
    • Health consultation: physicians, nutritionists, and other medical consultations to cater for employees’ health.
    • Cultural recreational activities: Construction of employee gyms.
    • Employee life service plan (EAPC): provide employees with psychological, financial, and legal consultation services.
    • Maternal health protection: ​For pregnant and lactating female employees, professional doctors and nurses provide work environment assessment, hazard prevention, health guidance and other health management measures. To protect the health of pregnant women, provide a friendly workplace environment such as breastfeeding health education and health consultation, collective breastfeeding rooms, priority dining channels, and reserved seats in shuttle buses.​​
  • Health promotion

  • Cultural recreational activities:​

  • Maternal Health Protection Program

  • Support for child-rearing households​

  • Multi-faceted employee welfare
    • Employee group insurance.
    • Subsidies for employee club activities.
    • Subsidies for employee education and training.
    • Employee birthday gifts, seasonal gifts (cash gifts).
    • Year-end activities and lucky draws.
    • Employee wedding cash gifts, and funeral condolence payments.
    • Birth encouragement (including spouses), in additional to birth and parenting allowances, also provide transportation subsidies for pregnant employees, pregnant courtesies and other health care measures.