Our Focuses

Sustainable Operations = EPS + ESG

Social Participation

The Group believes in “caring for local communities to build a hopeful future,” and in the spirit of giving back what we have taken from society, we have participated in many social welfare activities and look forward to facilitating the creation of a society for the common good, in which everyone can enjoy a safe and prosperous life, and work together to build a sustainable future.

Mid- to Long-Term Goals
Become part of the social safety net by assisting socially disadvantaged populations in need of care and providing support resources in a timely fashion.
Strengthen the foundations of science education to foster scientific talent that can provide technological leadership for the future.
Cultivate Taiwanese sportspeople to compete internationally and promote interest in sports.
Short-Term Goals
Annual support for disadvantaged groups, social welfare initiatives, and other institutions and groups were serving rural areas.
Continuous annual deployment of the professional skills and resources of the Group in support of science education promotion.
Encourage students to take up table tennis and identify those with potential to provide further training in order to cultivate Taiwanese sportspeople.

Social Influence of the Group

Support for the Disadvantaged

Support for the Disadvantaged

Increase education levels for disadvantaged groups to assist them in tapping their unlimited potential and moving forward with their dreams and aspirations.
• Foxconn Scholarship Program awarded a total of 40 million NTD to 760 students to assist them in their studies.
• Taiwan Hope Primary School provided instruction for about 8,000 person-classes.
• Support for the Agape Love and SST Caring to provide a welcoming shelter.
• Support for the Dandelion Hearing & Language Association to provide disadvantaged hearing-impaired student.
Science Education

Science Education

Provide advance preparation for novel technology education based global trends, in order to strengthen the science capabilities of the next generation.
• Organized quantum computer technology training camps for the teachers and students of high schools.
• Published the first high school AI textbook.
Sports Sponsorship

Sports Sponsorship

Provide systematic long-term training to cultivate superior youth sportspeople to compete on a global stage.
• Cultivated 21 sportspeople in 2020, the sportspeople have achieved a stellar record and won medals in several international competitions.
Rural Education

Rural Education

Broaden the horizons of children from rural areas and provide opportunities for them to challenge themselves and realize their potential.
• Support for the Walking Project to bring students to all counties in Taiwan, eventually achieving an epic 360-kilometer trek.
• Organized five “Meet the Future” that helped 240 children experience work in different professions.
Multidimensional Education

Multidimensional Education

Deployment of multidimensional means beyond traditional schooling to help children discover their confidence and skills, in order to develop a one and only unique self.
• Support for the Jiamei Care Association to help dropouts rediscover their confidence.
• Provided support for arts groups to help them weather the pandemic.
• Invited children from social welfare organizations to attend the International Children's Film Festival.
Camps with Invited Professional Speakers to Increase Competitiveness
Quantum Computing Seed Instructor Training Camps
“Meet the Future” Career Exploration Project