TIn accordance with the Company's Articles of Incorporation, the Company's Board of Directors is currently set up with eight directors, two of which are independent directors. All serve for three-year terms.

The chairman of the Board of Directors shall be elected from among the directors. The chairman of the Board of Directors shall represent the Company in external matters and is in charge of the overall management of the Company.

The term of office of the current Board of Directors is from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019.

The Board of Directors of the Company sets up the Compensation Committee in accordance with Article 14-6 of the Securities and Exchange Act and sets up the Audit Committee in accordance with Article 14-4 of the Securities.

Directors Biographies

Name in Chinese Name in English Title
劉揚偉 Liu, Young-Way Chairman and CEO of the Company
郭台銘 Terry Gou
(Gou, Tai-ming)
呂芳銘 Lu, Fang-ming Director
President of Business Group
李傑 Jay Lee Director
盧松青 Lu, Sung-ching Director
戴正吳 Tai, Cheng-wu Director
王國城 James Wang Independent Director
Member of Compensation Committee
Member of Audit Committee
郭大維 Kuo, Tei-Wei Independent Director
Member of Compensation Committee
Member of Audit Committee
龔國權 Kung, Kuo-chuan Independent Director
Member of Compensation Committee
Member of Audit Committee

Board of Directors Resolutions

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Directors Meeting Attendance Record (including commissioned attendance) since July 1, 2016:

Title Name (or Representative)
Attendance %
ChairmanLiu, Young-Way1100%
DirectorTerry Gou
(Gou, Tai-ming)
DirectorLu, Fang-ming1100%
DirectorLi, Chieh1100%
DirectorLu, Sung-ching1100%
DirectorTai, Cheng-wu1100%
Independent DirectorWang, Kuo Cheng,1100%
Independent DirectorKuo, Ta-wei1100%
Independent DirectorKung, Kuo-chuan1100%

Director and Supervisor Professional Knowledge & Independence Check Matrix

Qualification / name Has over five years work experience and following professional qualifications Independence Attribute (See Notes Below) Current Positions at Other Companies
Business, Legal Affairs, Finance, Accounting, Lecturer or above in Colleges in Related departments Judge, Prosecutor, Attorney, CPA or National Certified Professionals Business, Legal Affairs, Finance, Accounting or Related Work Experience 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Liu, Young-Way0
Terry Gou
(Gou, Tai-ming)
Lu, Fang-ming0
Li, Chieh0
Lu, Sung-ching0
Tai, Cheng-wu0
Wang, Kuo Cheng,2
Kuo, Ta-wei0
Kung, Kuo-chuan0

Notes: The Directors and Supervisors comply with the following conditions from two years before being elected and during his tenure in office:

  • Not an employee of this Company or its affiliates.
  • Not a Director or Supervisor of the Company or its affiliates. (However, this does not apply, in cases where the person is an independent director of the company, its parent company, or any subsidiary in which the company directly or indirectly holds more than 50% of the voting shares.)
  • Not a natural-person shareholder who holds shares, together with those held by the person’s spouse, minor children, or held by the person under others’ names, in an aggregate amount of one percent or more of the total number of outstanding shares of the Company or ranking in the top ten in holdings.
  • Not a spouse, second-degree relative or fifth degree relative of those listed in the above three items.
  • Not a director, supervisor, or employee of a corporate shareholder that directly holds five percent or more of the total number of outstanding shares of the Company or that holds shares ranking in the top five in holdings.
  • Not a director, supervisor, manager or a shareholder holding five percent or more of the shares of a company or institution that has a business or financial relationship with the Company.
  • Not a professional individual who, or an owner, partner, director, supervisor, or officer of a sole proprietorship, partnership, company, or institution that, provides commercial, legal, financial, accounting services or consultation to the Company or to any affiliate of the company, or a spouse thereof. provided that this restriction does not apply to any member of the compensation committee who exercises powers pursuant to Article 7 of the Regulations Governing the Establishment and Exercise of Powers of Remuneration Committees of Companies Whose Stock is Listed on the TWSE or Traded on the GTSM.
  • Not a spouse of or a second degree relative of any other Director of the Company.
  • No violations of Article 30 of the Company Act.
  • Not a governmental, judicial person or its representative as defined by Article 27 of the Company Act.