Foxconn IAI

As the rise of new technologies such as AI, Big Data, IoT and Cloud Computing disrupt traditional manufacturing models, the term “Intelligent Manufacturing” has gained prominence in recent years. “Intelligent Manufacturing” refers to the process, system and models of advanced manufacturing that possess intelligent characteristics such as self-sensing, self-adaptive and self-decision-making features. “Intelligent Manufacturing” consists of four key components, including an intelligent factory platform that directs the scale of manufacturing with intelligent production lines at its core. An end-to-end data flow is leveraged as a foundation, which is supported by pillars of interconnected networks.

Enterprises can fully leverage these cutting-edge technologies to maximize reliability, predictive and intelligent competencies that bring real value to the business and ensure resilience to potential risks. Building upon the concept of Industrial Internet centered around “Cloud Computing, Mobile Terminal, IoT, Big Data, AI, Network, and Robots”, Foxconn harnesses the benefits of AI to extract meaningful analytical insights from production lines and merge them with various flows, including human flow, process flow, information flow, technical flow and money flow, optimizing efficiency for our clients across the globe, improving quality and reducing cost of manufacturing. Among all advanced technologies deployed across operations, the five lights-out factories at Foxconn exemplify the potential of an emerging manufacturing model which is fully integrated with intelligent capabilities. With a fully automated manufacturing process that engages over 60,000 robots and 5,000 types of testing equipment, we operate in a centralized big data repository that stores all kinds of data extracted from manufacturing processes, leveraging an industrial AI system that maximizes the benefits of Industrial Internet applications such as PHM, flexible factory and reliable logistics systems. The model has effectively reduced the cost of labor, enabled smooth and barrier-free communication between staff, end-to-end equipment and the AI centers, and optimized sensor-equipped robotic operations in factories. Such a model has been named by the World Economic Forum as the factory of the future.

Equipped with AI, Networking and Cloud Computing, Foxconn has become a pioneer of the "Advanced Manufacturing + Industrial Internet" ecosystem. Foxconn is committed to providing high-quality, premium products, services and solutions that maximizes positive human impact across eight dominant areas of life – work, education, entertainment, family and social interaction, security, health, environmental protection and transportation.

2018 CSR Report

This is the 11th social and environmental responsibility report issued by Hon Hai / Foxconn Technology Group. In this report, we publicly disclose our efforts on social and environmental responsibility in 2018, including corporate management, employee care initiatives, health and safety, environmental management, energy saving, social participation and supply chain management. As a good corporate citizen, we are intended to strengthen communication with stakeholders and promote sustainability through our operations.