Business Philosophy About Hon Hai>Business Philosophy

Since 1974, Hon Hai / Foxconn had always been guided by three Foxconnian visions;

Hon Hai / Foxconn Business Model:

Hon Hai / Foxconn's Product:
Speed, Quality, Engineering Services, Flexibility and Monetary Cost Saving.

Hon Hai / Foxconn's eCMMS:
eCMMS stands for e-enabled Components, Modules, Moves and Services. eCMMS is the vertical integrated one stop shopping business model by integrating mechanical, electrical and optical capabilities altogether. It covers solutions ranging from moulding, tooling, mechanical parts, components, modules, system assembly, design, manufacturing, maintenence, logistics ... etc. Through the eCMMS model, Hon Hai / Foxconn's Southern China campus is not only the world's largest 3C manufacturing base, but also the shortest supply chain at the same time.